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China Bend Vineyard and Winery Kettle Falls, WA 99141
3751 Vineyard Way
Kettle Falls, WA 99141
(800) 700-6123
Tasting room hours: --- (Map)
Open Seasonally Apr thru Oct
Off Season by appointment
  • Monday:
  • Noon.5:00 PM.
  • Tuesday:
  • Noon.5:00 PM.
  • Wednesday:
  • Noon.5:00 PM.
  • Thursday:
  • Noon.5:00 PM.
  • Friday:
  • Noon.5:00 PM.
  • Saturday:
  • Noon.5:00 PM.
  • Sunday:
  • Noon.5:00 PM.
    We at China Bend Vineyards have come to making wine with the notion that wine is food. Our background as growers and processors of certified organic foods has shown us that the best foods, that is the most nutritious and flavorful foods, are those produced in the most natural and simple ways. Applying these principles at our winery has led us to realize that natural unsulfited wines made from organically grown grapes are perhaps the ultimate expression of health food. All of our wines are vegan. (Vegan wine is made without the use of any animal products.)
    Fresh grapes are among the most nutritionally complete of fruits, loaded with vitamins, minerals, easily digestible sugars, and endowed with cleansing curative properties. During fermentation the yeasts thoroughly extract and convert these nutrients making them even more available to our digestive system. Winemaking enhances and captures the health giving properties of the grape in an easily storable form.
    Living wines have long been an essential and integral ingredient of the healthy diet. Since the time of Christ, and before, wine has been valued as a basic food. It has been central to the ceremony of dining and feasting, not because of its intoxicating properties but because of its exceptional nutritional and vitalizing qualities.
    It has only been in the last fifty years that the health giving qualities of wine have been compromised by mass production and the internationalization of the wine industry. The advent of chemical and mechanical shortcuts in winemaking following World War II has literally taken the life out of wine. Most, indeed almost all wines on the market today are significantly degraded nutritionally and contain various chemicals, especially sulfites, which are detrimental to our health.
    Our vineyard, garden, unique winery, and kitchen were created to maximize the natural goodness and health-giving properties of our wine and foods. This dedication to natural growing and processing also brings out the fullest flavor of our products. Our family is proud to offer you wine and foods of uncompromised quality and exquisite flavor. Try some today!

    Bart Alexander, Proprietor